All of our Groomed Campsites are equipped with picnic tables and a fire ring, and are vehicle accessible in spring, summer and fall. 

Main Fire Pit

Lower Ridge: 

Lower Ridge Campsites with Road along Right

Lower ridge campsites are centrally located in the camping area. The ground cover is largely foliage covered with a few large trees. 

Upper Ridge: 

Upper Ridge

Located between Lower ridge and Millar Pit, the ground cover of these sites are hard packed sand. 

Red Eye: Located at the bottom of dead man’s hill, the ground cover is loose sand. 



The Adirondacks at Camp Wildman accommodate 12 people, in a roofed, three sided shelter. Many users either tarp the open wall, or put their dining shelter up to create a large sheltered area to cook and gather in.

Kaweechelchen Adirondak Site

Kaweechelchen is located on the west side of the property along the road leading from Cahiagua Lodge to Red Eye site. Taron, Tochingo, and Sondaqua are aligned on the East side of the property near Toanche Cabin. 


Backcountry Wilderness Sites – Camp Wildman provides campers with 100 Acres to explore and camp. Many users only explore a small portion of the camp not venturing past Deadman’s hill. Those who travel our trails still only explore half of the property. Backcountry sites are determined by users beyond the beaver pond along the red trail, where there are several suitable spots to set up camp and practice backcountry or survival skills. More adventurous campers can bushwhack further into the property to practice no trace camping. Please be aware of and respect our property’s borders if bushwhacking.