Camp Location:

Address, 8th concession is closed in winter – Use the 9th or 6th lines to access Tiny Beaches Road.

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Site Map

Camp Arrival/Departure 

Campers should be told by their Scouters which gate to use, and be prepared to walk from the parking lot nearest their site. 

Emergency Info

            Fire Plan – Document Link

            Covid Plan – Document Link


Camp Wildman has its own crests, which can be purchased for $3.00 Each from your weekend Ranger. 

Drinking Water

Drinking water is available onsite at the water building through the outside tap. None of the cabins have water piped, groups are required to bring their own water containers. 


Firewood (Real Photo)

Bagged firewood is available onsite from the weekend ranger at $5.00 per bag. Deadfall can be gathered onsite. If any wood is brought on site please ensure it is sourced locally to reduce invasive species. Please do not burn skids or shop scraps with screws or nails as it makes relocating firepits challenging. 

Waste – Recycle Garbage

There is no onsite disposal available for campers or groups. Please take all garbage and recycling with you when you leave.


Camp Wildman has 5 maintained vaulted toilets for campers, each toilet has hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Please put only toilet paper, and bodily waste in the toilets. Please dispose of all other items including feminine products in the garbage, as they will clog the septic truck. Any items dropped in the toilets are not retrievable. 

When backcountry camping please follow no trace philosophies using the cat hole method. 

 Grey Water

Grey water can be disposed of by first filtering food then pouring into pit toilets. 

Camp Wildman Legends: 

The Legend or Red EyeThe legend of Tom Butler