Once many years ago there was a young Huron boy whose name was Redeye.  At the time of this story he was about 9 or 10 summers.

Redeye was a problem because he always did exactly what he wanted to do when he wanted to do it.  He never listened to the Tribal Elders and was always too noisy on the hunt.  The Elders tried and tried to teach him the way of the people but he would never listen.  It was finally decided that something had to be done about Redeye.

The Elders and Warriors had a meeting one night in the longhouse and it was agreed that Redeye would be asked to go to live by himself away from the tribe and never to return.  Then he could just do what he wanted when he wanted.

As the story goes Redeye made his home at the top of Deadman’s Hill on the land that we now call Camp Wildman.  Redeye lived a lonely life and when he died it is said that the spirits buried him in an unmarked grave on the top of the hill.  That is why even today none of the trails go back vary far from the top of the hill.  No one wants to disturb Redeye.

It is said that his lonely spirit still can be seen looking for someone to come and stay with him.  Usually when there are young boys at camp who are not listening to their leaders he will come down to see if he can take them back to the top of the hill to keep him company.  Late in the evening sometimes you can see the glow of his red eyes watching from the forest.

Legend of Red Eye
Jean Kirkland
1st Oro Cubs